The Broadcast Club | A Visual Novel Podcast

Episode 14 - Visual Novel Endings

May 27, 2019

Hey, folks!

Back again after some delays due to real life shenanigans (I moved back to America!) but we're hoping to get back on a regular schedule very shortly here. Our guest this episode is noted Umineko enthusiast, ctom42.

Despite the episode title, we strove to avoid explicit spoilers as much as possible, so that this episode would be safe to listen to for everyone!

Also, we’re looking for more shill segments! If you’d like to raise awareness about your favorite visual novel, just drop us a line on Reddit.

Topics Covered

00:00 - Introductions and Topic

00:16 - ctom42 Guest Introduction

00:52 - Endings and Potential Impact on Enjoyment of VN as a whole

11:37 - Notably Exceptional or Terrible Endings in VNs

35:02 - Types of Endings We want to see in VNs

43:43 - News

1:03:24 - Shill

1:07:05 - Closing