The Broadcast Club | A Visual Novel Podcast

Episode 6 - Rise of Kickstarter

July 20, 2017

Hi, folks!

Our apologies for being a little late this month but the next episode is here at last! This month we try not having a guest to see how the format works with just us three. The topic is the effect of Kickstarter on the visual novel industry!

Topics Covered

0:00 Host and Episode Intros

0:25 Concept of Using Kickstarter for VNs

5:27 Kickstarting Previously TLd VNs vs non-TLd ones

13:30 Kickstarters just for Physical Releases/Merch

20:52 Execution of Well Known Localization Kickstarters

44:36 Use of Kickstarter for EVNs (English Visual Novels)

58:17 News

1:11:17 Shill Segment w/Karifean

1:14:04 Closing