The Broadcast Club | A Visual Novel Podcast

Episode 4 - Translation Quality

May 15, 2017

Hi, folks!

This month our topic is all about translation quality with our guest, John Hooper (also known as GundamAce) of Lemnisca!  Regrettably, technical issues irrecoverably destroyed a great talk we had about honorifics, and we were unable to reconstruct it in time, so if you notice that we don’t talk about those, we’re sad about it too!

Topics Covered

0:00 - Host and Topic Introductions

0:37 - Guest Introduction and questions

8:36 - What makes a good English translation?

10:36 - Adapting jokes and puns

18:44 - Preserving intent and style

25:45 - Translators as writers

31:00 - Literal vs. Liberal

36:00 - Advice for the aspiring translator

43:00 - Official Translations vs. fan translations

52:40 - Japanese companies and the West

56:44 - VN News

1:03:18 - Shill segment feat. Zonijo

1:08:01 - Outro

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