The Broadcast Club | A Visual Novel Podcast

Episode 2 - Kinetic vs Choices

March 15, 2017

Hi, folks!

This month our topic is kinetic visual novels vs. visual novels with choices with our guest, Avebone.

Topics Covered

0:00 - Host Introductions

1:18 - Topic Introduction w/ guest Avebone

1:44 - The Presence of Choices in VNs

15:40 - Kinetic VNs

29:01 - True Routes

39:17 - Unique Choice Systems

52:37 - VNs News

1:01:29 - Shill a VN feat. AngeTime

1:04:27 - Outro

Fact Check

Maeda Jun wrote the common route scenes with the Natsume siblings, Masato, and Kengo; Rin's route; Saya's route; and also Refrain in Little Busters!  (According to VNDB)

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