Episode 13 - Untranslated Visual Novels

November 19, 2018

Hey, folks!

With a repeat guest for the first time, we bring back Cornetto Man to discuss Untranslated Visual Novels!

Topics Covered

0:00 – Host and Topic Intro

0:16 – Guest Introduction and Interview

2:27 - Why read Untranslated VNs? Benefits you may not know about?

14:20 - Recommendations for starter/lesser known VNs to try out or ones to avoid starting out?

33:04 - Tips for getting into untranslated visual novels/learning Japanese?

46:27 - News

1:18:27 - Shill Segement w/Da_Techpriest

1:20:52 - Closing

Episode 12 - Romance

September 19, 2018

Hey, folks!

This time we invite the president of SolPress, Xeviax, to talk about Visual Novel Romance! 

Topics Covered

0:00 – Host and Topic Intro

0:16 - Guest Introduction and Interview

1:45 - Romance Execution in Visual Novels vs Other Media

10:16 - Romance that sticks out in certain VNs or Genres

32:54 - Interesting Romance Concepts that are rarely or never done

45:58 - News

1:08:02 - Shill Segment ft. lvl_0

1:11:13 - Closing

Episode 11 - Music

August 16, 2018

Hey, folks!

Holy shit, we're back again after a massive break due to RL business on all three of our ends. We're hoping to get back into a more regular schedule again so expect more frequent updates! This month we talk about music. 

Topics Covered

0:00 – Host and Topic Intro

0:40 – Importance of Music in VNs

11:48 - Different kinds of music in VNs

18:57 - Fan favorite VN soundtracks

29:59 News (almost half a year worth, not including anything from the last 4 weeks)

1:09:42 Shill Segment ft. Bazett

1:12:30 Closing


Episode 10 - Piracy

February 15, 2018

Hey, folks! Back for our (almost) one year anniversary! This month we talk about piracy in the visual novel community and how it has affected the medium to date. 

Topics Covered

0:00 - Host and Topic Intro

0:54 - When/If should people Ever pirate visual novels?

18:50 - How much piracy affect the market? Positivley or Negatively?

31:52 - Ways VN Community/Companies could prevent piracy

42:18 - News

1:02:08 - Shill segment ft. Rallina v2

1:05:51 - Closing

Episode 9 - Adult Content

January 9, 2018

Hey folks! We're really, really late this time. Sorry about that, the holidays and real life commitments and my loud breathing making this episode a pain to edit caused some delays here. We're back (at last) to talk about my personal favorite topic--Adult Content in Visual Novels. To make up for being so late, we have a half of an extra episode this time. Our guest this month is redditor Zonijo. May god have mercy on our souls.

Topics Covered

0:00 - Host and Topic Introductions

0:25 - Guest Introduction and Interview

1:45 - Sex scenes in VNs: What are their purpose? Are they necessary?

26:40 - How Sex scenes are used in VNs

42:47 - 18+ vs. All Ages Releases

1:10:53 - News

1:27:50 - Shill Segment ft. ctom42

1:30:33 - Closing

Episode 8 - Visual Novel Tropes

October 20, 2017

Hi, folks!

We're back again to talk about tropes and cliches in visual novels with our guest, rvnester. 

Topics Covered

0:00 Host and Topic Introductions

0:18 Guest Introduction and Interview

2:11 - Most Frequent Tropes/Cliches? Are they Necessary?

6:45 Character Archetypes

9:15 Comedic Romance

11:08 H-Scenes

16:31 Tropes aren't inherently bad

22:12 True Routes

24:12 Comedy

25:40 Pacing, Padding, Use of Slice of Life Moments

35:07 VNs that Avoid Common Tropes

49:07 News

1:05:09 Shill Segment ft. OJ191

1:08:38 Outro

Episode 7 - Popular Visual Novels

September 18, 2017

Hi, folks!

We missed a month there with hectic schedules all around but episode seven is finally ready. This time, we talked about popular visual novels and what makes them popular with our guest, Cornetto Man. 

Topics Covered

0:00 Host and Topic Introductions

0:30 Guest Introduction and Interview

3:35 Ways Visual Novels get Popular with Majority of Readers

25:57 Ways Visual Novels get Popular with Hardcore Readers

33:06 Why certain Visual Novels aren't more popular

50:53 News

1:05:36 Shill Segment feat. jis33785

1:07:48 Outro

Episode 6 - Rise of Kickstarter

July 20, 2017

Hi, folks!

Our apologies for being a little late this month but the next episode is here at last! This month we try not having a guest to see how the format works with just us three. The topic is the effect of Kickstarter on the visual novel industry!

Topics Covered

0:00 Host and Episode Intros

0:25 Concept of Using Kickstarter for VNs

5:27 Kickstarting Previously TLd VNs vs non-TLd ones

13:30 Kickstarters just for Physical Releases/Merch

20:52 Execution of Well Known Localization Kickstarters

44:36 Use of Kickstarter for EVNs (English Visual Novels)

58:17 News

1:11:17 Shill Segment w/Karifean

1:14:04 Closing


Episode 5 - Visual Novel Genres

June 15, 2017

Hi, folks!

We're back again to discuss genres in visual novels with our guest, Veleon.

Topics Covered

0:00 - Host and Topic Introductions

0:17 - Guest Introduction and questions

1:22 - Genres that will be discussed

1:35 - Why certain genres are over/underrepresented in the market

9:57 Horror genre discussion

14:51 Mystery genre discussion

18:04 The most popular/highest rated VNs on vndb

21:45 Connection of Genres and Length of a VN

23:18 Multiple Route Mystery Discussion

34:30 Fantasy genre discussion

40:28 Science Fiction genre discussion 4

42:09 Example VNs from Major Genres

1:00:15 VN News

1:05:28 Shill a VN feat. fuwante0

1:07:17 Outro

Episode 4 - Translation Quality

May 15, 2017

Hi, folks!

This month our topic is all about translation quality with our guest, John Hooper (also known as GundamAce) of Lemnisca!  Regrettably, technical issues irrecoverably destroyed a great talk we had about honorifics, and we were unable to reconstruct it in time, so if you notice that we don’t talk about those, we’re sad about it too!

Topics Covered

0:00 - Host and Topic Introductions

0:37 - Guest Introduction and questions

8:36 - What makes a good English translation?

10:36 - Adapting jokes and puns

18:44 - Preserving intent and style

25:45 - Translators as writers

31:00 - Literal vs. Liberal

36:00 - Advice for the aspiring translator

43:00 - Official Translations vs. fan translations

52:40 - Japanese companies and the West

56:44 - VN News

1:03:18 - Shill segment feat. Zonijo

1:08:01 - Outro